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HLF: Board and Committee Vacancies

There are 12 committees across the UK, supported by our local teams. Each year we recruit to replace committee members who have reached the end of their appointment period. Chairs and members are normally appointed for three years in the first instance with potential for a second term.

East of England, Committee Chair and Member
South East England, Committee Chair and Member
South West, Committee Chair and Member
West Midlands, Committee Chair and Member
North West, Committee Member
Scotland, Committee Members

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Penton Lodge kitchen – Research Assistant

Research assistant needed for Heritage lottery Funding for restoration of Penton Lodge kitchen.

Penton Lodge has an original kitchen in dire need of restoration and we are suitable candidates for Heritage Lottery Funding.  However, in order to begin our application we need assistance on all elements of this project, from researching other kitchens, contacting educational establishments to gain support, through to putting together the full application form.