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The Luigi Micheletti Award

The Luigi Micheletti Award is focused on contemporary history and its scientific heritage, industrial and social development. This Award was established in 1996 by the Micheletti Foundation of Brescia and a leading expert on industrial archeology and museology Kenneth Hudson, for the recognition of excellence in the specific field of science and industry museums in Europe. They can participate in science museums, technical and industrial applications. Today’s Prize is open to history museums in the 20th century (social, political, military) to reflect the broader scope of activities of the Micheletti Foundation and is managed jointly by the Foundation and by the European Museum Academy .

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Students taking a course that could lead to Technician Membership of ICE could apply for a QUEST Technician Scholarship.

QUEST offers scholarships worth £1,500 to students in further education (FE) studying for a civil engineering qualification which could lead to Technician Membership (TMICE) of ICE.

QUEST scholarships are associated with excellence and as well as receiving financial support of up to £1,500, successful scholars gain recognition of their abilities and potential from a highly respected international organisation, an achievement which looks great on a CV.