PhD Scholarships at Politecnico di Milano

Scholarships awarded by the Politecnico di Milano have a maximum duration of three years and are confirmed on an annual basis subject to decision of successful admission to the subsequent year by the Faculty Board of the individual Ph.D. programmes.

The basic amount of the scholarship is €13,638.47 per annum gross of social security contributions to be paid by the recipient. That amount will be adjusted with any increase under the provision of the law.

Scholarships commence from the actual start date of the programme.

The Departments to which the Ph.D.s relate may, with their own funds, increase the basic amount of the Ministerial scholarship, contributing towards accommodation costs of foreign and Italian Ph.D. non-resident students.

Ph.D. students without a scholarship may benefit from the contributions provided by the Departments, limited to the costs of accommodation for foreign and Italian non-resident students.

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