Survey – HBIM – Applying Asset Management To The Operational Phase Of An Historic Asset

My research is exploring the possibility of applying HBIM asset management principles to heritage assets, HBIM is a hybrid of BIM, with BIM being an element of the Government Construction Strategy: 2016-2020. The Government Construction Strategy sets out a new plan to increase productivity in government construction to deliver £1.7 billion efficiencies. 

The strategy sets out ambitions for smarter procurement, fairer payment, improving digital skills, reducing carbon emissions, and increasing client capability. These themes are consistent with the wider ambitions for industry in Construction 2025 delivered by industry and government through the Construction Leadership Council. 

Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Construction is an important part of the strategy and is helping to increase productivity and collaboration through technology. 

At this moment in time in the case of new build projects where BIM is applied to the project, approx. 33%  apply BIM for the operational phase of a building, with the majority applying BIM to the construction phase, the operational phase of a building accounts for 80% of a buildings total costs, if  HBIM is applied to an  historic assets for refurbishment/reconstruction works can HBIM contribute to the long term sustainability of an historic  asset by reducing the costs of the operational phase of a building, there are issues associated with HBIM and those issues will be examined within the research. 

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