Survey: digital building data longevity and interoperability issues

Ahmed Khalil is a PhD researcher at the University of Greenwich. I would like to invite you to participate in my online questionnaire concerning digital building data longevity and interoperability issues, and their impacts on the documentation of heritage buildings. This questionnaire is a part of my PhD project, and I would greatly appreciate your contribution.

You can access the questionnaire through this link:

The online questionnaire is composed of two parts, the first part is exploring potential problems of digital data storage and re-accessibility as well as potential issues of data interoperability in the architecture and construction industries. the second part is specific to the heritage buildings sector.

This questionnaire is relevant to professionals and academics working in the architecture and construction industries who deal with digital building data. if you think you are suitable for this questionnaire, I would appreciate it if you would fill it in and/or forward it to other colleagues you would think are suitable.

All of the information collected will remain confidential. All information will be kept on secure encrypted devices. As soon as data is collected, all personal data will be anonymised. Any personal data will be deleted after the study. Anonymous answers will be used for research purposes only. Only anonymised questionnaire data will be kept for two years for further analysis and publications.