The Building Crafts College

London & South East

The National Heritage Training Group’s (NHTG) bursary scheme is all about finding passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated people to be trained to work on England’s traditional buildings.

Funded by the largest single amount awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund’s ‘Skills for the Future’ programme, the NHTG bursary scheme will provide high-quality work-based training and skills development opportunities throughout England to prepare participants for a career in the built heritage sector. The programme supports organisations across the UK to help them create heritage training placement opportunities.

Overall, there will be 60 variable-length educational bursaries offered, working on live heritage sites across England. The bursaries are being organised across the country by regional heritage coordinators.

The Building Crafts College is the regional heritage coordinator for London and the South East and advertises placements for the bursary programme once they become available.

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