RIBA Funding for 2013/14

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has announced funding research and scholarship schemes for students worth a record £250,000 in 2013/14, while £100,000 of the funds will go towards financing scholars embarking on vital educational research into architecture.


President’s Awards for Research
The RIBA’s annual research awards exist to promote the innovation and insight that emerge from excellent research.

The awards acknowledge and encourage fresh and strategic thinking in architectural research for the benefit of the profession as a whole.

Projects are judged by a distinguished panel of experts in four categories:

  • Master’s degree thesis
  • PhD thesis
  • University-led research
  • Practice-led research

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Walter Parker Bursary Scheme
The emphasis of the Walter Parker Bursary scheme is to support students to enter the architectural profession. Practical experience is a requirement of architectural education: students are required to demonstrate key professional skills and competencies at the Part 3 professional examination which is the last stage before qualification as an architect.

Students of architecture can gain key experience at all stages of their architectural education. This bursary scheme provides assistance to students and graduates who are limited by financial constraints so that they can take advantage of opportunities for practical experience that will assist on their route to qualification as an architect.

These bursaries are funded by the bequest of Walter J Parker, who left a legacy to support the apprenticeship and professional training of architects experiencing financial hardship, and are known as the RIBA Walter Parker Bursaries.

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Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship
RIBA writes:
Lord Foster said: ‘As a student I won a prize that allowed me to spend a summer travelling through Europe and to study first hand buildings and cities that I knew only from the pages of books. It was a revelation – liberating and exhilarating in so many ways. Today it is my privilege to fund the RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship, which I hope will have a lasting legacy – offering the chance for discovery and the inspiration for exciting new work – for generations to come.’

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