Invitation to take part in UCL Master level research study on the “Failure of the Green Deal and Green Homes Grant schemes”

A post-graduate student of MSc Programme in Sustainable Urbanism at UCL’s Bartlett School of Planning is currently conducting a comparative policy evaluation of the Green Deal and Green Homes Grant schemes as part of her final dissertation. She is seeking organisations representing industries or sectors affected by the schemes and their failure to take part in short (30mins) semi-structured interviews conducted remotely via zoom. 

The main research objective is to critically evaluate the Green Deal and Green Homes Grant to determine which factors caused the two schemes to be unsuccessful in reaching their objectives and to be stopped prematurely. Alongside the interviews the research consists of media discourse analysis and literature review on energy efficiency schemes and policy failure in the UK and internationally. 

If you wish to take part in this study please contact Karolina Krzystek-De Ranter at, ​​​for more information see the Interview Participant Information Sheet, Participant Consent Form, and an indicative list of Interview Questions.